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  Title, Description, License, Cost, Platform Release Date Size / Screen
QWave 1.6
Compact alternative to much larger AudioFile player. It allows most audio files to be played virtually instantly; no waiting for a larger program to load, display an window, and then play the sound.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98; Other OS ]
03-Mar-2010 18 K
  Quintessential Player 3.50
QCD has a fully skinnable interface that covers a powerful plug-in architecture. QCD's flexibility allows it to be as simple or as feature rich as you like.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
02-Apr-2003 2,223 K
  QuickChange Media 2.0
QuickChange Media v2.0 is the ultimate file conversion program. Vastly improved for ease and speed. QuickChange now has video batch processing, video-to-WMV conversion, new CD recorder, and over 50 audio, video or static image formats to choose from.
[ Shareware, $24.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
29-Jan-2002 13,262 K
  Quartz AudioMaster Freeware 4.6
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware is a powerful though easy-to-use Audio Direct-to-Disk and Midi Sequencer running under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and the best way to try the Quartz Audio Family software ...
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
28-Nov-2000 2,678 K
  Quartz AudioMaster Pro 4.6
Quartz AudioMaster Pro is a powerful though easy-to-use Audio Direct-to-Disk and Midi Sequencer running under Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
[ Shareware, $199.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
28-Nov-2000 3,452 K
  QuickTime 4.1.2
QuickTime is Apple's video technology that allows you to play high-quality video directly on your computer.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Macintosh ]
30-Jul-2000 8,305 K
  Quartz AudioMaster 2000 4.17
A complete Digital Audio and MIDI workstation for the professional and home-studio musician.
[ Shareware, $239.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
01-Jul-1999 275 K
  QuickEditor 1.7
A QuickTime Video-Editor designed to perform common editing operations in the quickest and easiest way. It isn't meant for handling big projects, with full-screen, full-motion video.
[ Shareware, $35.00 - Windows ME/NT/98/95 ]
26-Nov-1998 1,220 K
  Qplay 4.98.0112
A fast Wave and Midi player, supports any size Wave and Midi files, uses very small desktop space and runs on tray, can be hidden.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows ME/98/95 ]
13-Jan-1998 109 K
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Top 10 products
QuickTime +41.48
Quintessential Player +38.87
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware +33.09
QuickEditor +32.73
Quartz AudioMaster Pro +17.30
Quartz AudioMaster 2000 +16.64
QuickChange Media +15.42
QWave +0.69
Qplay 0
Top 10 downloads here
QuickChange Media 6342
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware 4605
QuickEditor 2330
QuickTime 2032
Quintessential Player 1176
Quartz AudioMaster Pro 1161
Quartz AudioMaster 2000 345
Qplay 329
QWave 243
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QWave 06-Jan-2015
Quintessential Player 07-Apr-2003
QuickChange Media 11-Mar-2002
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware 17-May-2001
Quartz AudioMaster Pro 15-Apr-2001
QuickTime 14-Apr-2001
Quartz AudioMaster 2000 08-Sep-2000
QuickEditor 08-Sep-2000
Qplay 08-Sep-2000

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